2020-07-27 Released v2.2.4

// 2.2.4 beta started 2020-02-19
// 2020-04-10 : Main simple budget form was not “inactive” when other forms were on top. I only noticed this on ubunt with gnome desktop. It did not do it in kubuntu. Not sure about other version or windows. The mainform .visible was set to false so the splash screen would display without a window behind it. Set visible to true (actually commented out the line) solved the problem. Main window is now visible behind splash screen but guess that is ok.
// 2020-04-28 : In Transactions form, need to clear input fields when saving, or canceling because the preexisting text is still in the fields.
// 2020-04-28 : In Transactions form, highlight the input value field (CalcEdit2) on form initialization, and when adding splits.
// Works? : In Transactions form, if a payee is typed in the entry field and enter is pressed, the transactions is not processed.
// 2020-04-28 : In View All Unreconciled Transactions, relabel Expenses to “Expenses (Debits)” and Income to “Income (Credits)”
// 2020-04028 Fixed : In Transactions (at least in Windows) need to double click the transaction type or cancel. Will have to check on other areas and if it does it in Linux. (It tried to set focus on calendar then on calcedit2)
// 2020-04028 Fixed : In Transactions, when a split is cleared CalcEdit2’s original amount stays the same, but the first line in the transactions grid is 0.00 and hard to get it to a price. Probably need to clear CalcEdit2.
// 2020-04-28 : In “View Funds YTD Detail” individual graph’s “Print” button changed caption to “Print (P)”
// 2020-05-21 Fixed : In Transactions, when the type of transaction radio button is pressed, and there is an amount entered in the amount field, the information grid amount will display 0.00. If the radio button is pressed for a longer time, the information grid will show the correct amount.
// 2020-06-18 Fixed : In View Funds YTD Detail, Label1 shows the total expense of a fund when the graph is shown by hovering mouse over the fund name column. But the label would remain visible all the time, even when View Funds YTD Detail window was closed and reopened. This label is used in the report graph for the individual fund (P). Set label1 to invisible so it can still be used, but not visible on the form window.
// 2020-06-18 Fixed : In View Transactions for One Fund, when a fund’s transactions is displayed, several lines of information are displayed on the lower right. The last four lines do not move with the rest if the window is resized. Also, if the form is closed (not “view another fund” button), those four lines appear on the mother window.
// 2020-07-01 : In Transactions, the debit “Funds” grid was supposed to be sorted with the first in the list selected. A non-first entry was always selected. Fixed.
// 2020-07-01 : In Transactions, in Funds Transfer or Accounts Transfer, when a description was entered, that field would always retain the last entry even when the form was exited and reentered. Initialized Edit5 each time the Transactions form was activiated.
// 2020-07-01 : In Transactions, changed the label “Description” for Fund and Account Transfers to “Note” to match everywhere else in SimpleBudget. Label19 and Label23.
// 2020-07-27 Fixed : In “View All Unreconciled Trans” report, if there are no unreconciled transactions, get error ‘”” is an invalid integer.’ and it asks to abort or OK.
// 2020-07-27 Released 2.2.4

2020-02-19 Released v2.2.3

// 2.2.3 beta started 2020-02-05
// 2020-02-05 : Fixed report for “View Funds Details” so the printed report will have the proper colors.
// 2020-02-17 : In Transactions, when closing the calendar on DateTimePicker2, CalcEdit2 (Amount field) is focused.
// 2020-02-18 Fixed : Regression bug. In adjusting “View Fund Details” report, caused the “Fund Names” in the graphs to be replaced with either a – or a (+). Had to fix for both “Expense” and “Income” graphs.
// 2020-02-19 Released 2.2.3

2020-02-05 Released v2.2.2

// 2.2.2 beta started 2020-01-31
// 2020-01-31 In “Reconcile Transactions” found and fixed a bug that did not highlight “not reconciled transactions from previous periods” The highlight was correct when a sort was done but not the initial display.
// 2020-02-03 : Fixed a typo in a message box in “Delete Transaction”.
// 2020-02-03 : Fixed labels (Label2) in “View YTD Transactions”
// 2020-02-03 Fixed: In “View Transactions for One Fund” sometimes the “Next” button is missing for the fund search.
// 2020-02-03 Fixed : In “Edit Transaction” it is possible to edit a part of a “Split” transaction and make that part a different type of transaction like change from expense to deposit, or transfer. If this happens, needs to disconnect it from the split transaction and display a warning.
// 2020-02-03 : Changed colors in displayed and printed reports as follow:
// – In transactions lists, “Debit” and “debit Amounts” – Red
// “Transfers” – Blue
// “Credits” remain black
// “Transactions UNreconciled in previous periods” highlighted gray/white
// – In Fund lists, “Expense” funds – Red.
// “Income” funds remain Black.
// – added some labels in some reports to clarify colors.
// 2020-02-05 : Fixed minor bug in “View All Transactions” that displayed “Split ID” different than in other places.
// 2020-01-27 Released v2.2.2

2020-01-27 Released v2.2.1

// 2020-01-26 A user reported the following: “When I click on Transactions/Transfers. It says “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window. Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Press abort to kill the program.” The program would crash when trying to open “Transactions/Transfers” with an account name as “Cash”. I was able to reproduce this on my Ubuntu snap. Not sure if it has to do with the actual name “Cash” but I was able to do it with that name. It seemed to have to do with the focusing of StringGrid4 in “Transactions/Transfers” Removed the “SetFocus” on StringGrid4. I could NEVER get this to happen in my development version (In Lazarus IDE or running on real metal (not snap) but only in the Linux Snap.

Thank you Tammy for reporting this bug!

// 2020-01-27 Released v2.2.1

2020-01-11 Released v2.2.0

// 2.2.0 beta started 2020-01-01
// 2020-01-01 Fixed : In “View Budget Amounts”, everytime the form would open, all funds would are added again for each time the form is opened. Need to reset the StringGrids at form activation.
// 2020-01-01 Fixed : The copyright on the “About” page shows 2019 – xxxx where xxxx is the year of the file that is opened and not the current year.
// 2020-01-09 Fixed I Think : In “Reconcile Transactions” there has been a long standing bug that randomly checked and unchecked reconciled check boxes. It seems that it might involve the search bar. When a search is done, it seems like the first transaction on the list will get reconciled or unreconciled. Others happen at random too. Maybe depends on where the search lies, or what row is selected when search is done. I think I fixed it by searching only relevant columns, not any hidden ones and not the reconciled column.
// 2020-01-11 : Added a “Year To Date Transactions” report. Options to select a single fund, and select “from” and “to” dates to list. Also added the printed report.
// 2020-01-11 Released v2.2.0

2020-01-01 Released v2.1.9

// 2.1.9 beta started 2019-12-26
// 2019-12-28 Fixed : Funds – If there are no funds and one is created, the fund count indicates -3 and increases each time a fund is added. After a save and close and reopen, the fund count is correct.
// 2019-12-28 Fixed : In Transactions in Expense Transactions, if there is a split and the first row (or any above the last row) is selected and the payee is changed, only those above it are changed.
// 2019-12-31 : In “Transactions” try to simplify it all. Put all data in lower half of screen. Put “Next” button on search areas. In payee search, have option to accept as typed if not found to add new payee. Make the “Transaction Grid” all read-only. Remove upper calendar, and amount spots.
// 2019-12-31 : Still need to wire up the “Next” button for the above, and add a “Next” button for the “Fund” grids. & make them invisible when not needed.
// 2019-12-29 : and need to initialize everything for all radio buttons.
// 2019-12-31 : Set tab orders too.
// 2020-01-01 : Rewrote Add Payees stuff for Income/Credit transactions. Can save more than one payees in Income/Credit transactions.
// 2020-01-01 Fixed : In “Transactions” in “Income/Credit” transaction, only the first transactions “New Payee” is stored. If there is more than one, the others are not stored.
// 2020-01-01 : Cleaned up labels and print preview options
// 2020-01-01 Released v2.1.9

2019-12-26 Released v2.1.8

// 2.1.8 beta started 2019-12-23
// 2019-12-23 : Under “Help”, add sub menus: – Online Help, – Help tabs, – About with website and contact email etc. On the About form, put contact information also.
// 2019-12-23 : on main splash screen, added copyright from 2019 to current year.
// 2019-12-23 : On main Simple Budget window added copyrigh from 2019 to current year. Formatted Label6 a bit.
// 2019-12-26 : Format of main window was off in v2.1.7 so adjusted it. not sure why.
// 2019-12-26 Released v2.1.8

2019-12-23 Released v2.1.7

// 2.1.7 beta started 2019-12-12
// 2019-12-13 : Set constraints and anchors on forms and objects in forms for resizing and having controls stay where they are supposed to be.
// 2019-12-13 : Adjusted the help tab for “New Period” changes. Set “Print” button on “overview” help page to “invisible” until it does something useful.
// 2019-12-19 mostly done : Added “Print” ability to all of the graphs/charts. Need to clean up labels and print preview options
// 2019-12-19 : Increase backups to 10, and added date/time to the file name. Format: CURRENT_BACKUP_YYYYMMDD-hhmmss.SB
// 2019-12-19 : Added code that prevents a “Locked Archive” from being saved. It can be “Saved As” but still remains a “Locked Archive”.
// 2019-12-19 : If a backup is opened and when Simple Budget tries to save the file, it asks the user if they want to restore it as the current budget file “CURRENT.SB”. If it does, it renames it “CURRENT.SB” otherwise it is not saved.
// 2019-12-19 Fixed : Website on calculator “About” is wrong. Fixed in windows and linux calculators.
// 2019-12-17 Fixed : View Fund Details – Expenses Chart – Sort buttons are in wrong spot when form resized.
// 2019-12-23 : In charts, added fake bar series so I could get more legends to indicate statuses that were displayed on the form, but not printed with the chart.
// 2019-12-23 : In “View Fund Balances” Pie Chart, added “show amounts” checkbox.
// 2019-12-23 : In charts, put the legends across the bottom of the chart to save room on the sides so the chart can be printed wide as possible.
// 2019-12-23 : Cought a few more “resizing” and “anchoring” problems.
// 2019-12-23 Released v2.1.7

2019-12-12 Released v2.1.6

// 2.1.6 beta started 2019-11-23
// 2019-12-10 : Adjusted the “New Month” and “New Year” so that it doesn’t skip a month if Simple Budget is neglected for more than a month. The way it is now, is that it can skip months if “New Month” hasn’t been processed, and this will goof up the monthly budget amounts since they won’t be added for the skipped months.
Replaced “New Month” and “New Year” with “New Period” that will detect if it is a new month or a new year. Simple Budget now advances the period by 1 month even it is behind. That way, the budget can be “caught up to date” without starting over.
// 2019-12-12 : Added “View Budget Amounts” report that displays “Fund Name” and “Budget Amount” and if balanced or not
// 2019-12-12 Released v2.1.6

2019-12-08 Released v2.1.5

// 2.1.5 beta started 2019-11-23
// 2019-11-24 : In “View Fund Balances” adjusted the “Start” of month NOT to include the monthly Budget. Made Budget amount for “Income” a negative number. Moved the (+) for Income funds to infront of the Fund Names. Adjusted various StrinGrid1 references in form and report because of that column change.
// 2019-11-24 : In “View Fund Balances” in pie chart, changed the chart titled “View Start Balances” to something like “View Start Balances (Plus Budget)”
// 2019-11-24 Fixed : It seems that if a sample budget fund is opened, then another budget file of any kind is opened, when going to close that file, Simple Budget thinks it is a sample budget file and asks about saving it as “Current.SB”. Set SampleFile:=False if the newly retrieved file is not a sample file.
// 2019-11-26 Fixed : In “Edit Transaction” when editing a transaction, the “Fund” and “Account” fields can be changed by typing in them. The typed text is not saved, but should not be able to type in them as the Fund and Account MUST be from the list shown. Had to set Edit3 and Edit4 to Read Only
// 2019-11-27 : Changed the verse on the intro screen to Luke 14:28-30 (MSG)
// 2019-11-27 : Changed a couple of buttons in the help screens that go to to show the URL.
// 2019-11-27 : Added a button on the intro screen that goes to
// 2019-11-30 : Changed the url’s on the intro screen and the help screens to
// 2019-12-02 Fixed : When a “Sample Budget File” is selected and the form is closed by the “X”, even if the user says not to save it, a popup says it has been saved, even though it hasn’t been.
// 2019-12-04 Fixed : In the “View Funds Details” report, when “Transactions for one fund” or “Transactions for all funds” buttons are pushed and the report is display, the “Charts” buttons and panel still show. These should be invisible while transaction reports are showing.
// 2019-12-04 Fixed : Also in “View Funds Details” the “sort” buttons should not be visible when the main stringgrid is not showing. Also had to add “visible” code in the “close” button and the close form because when it went back to the “View Funds Detail” main page, they were still invisible if the close button the a subform was pressed.
// 2019-12-08 Fixed : If Simple Budget tries to open a non simple budget file, it complains and says it is an invalid version, but simple budget keeps the invalid file path and name and if simple budget is saved or exited and saved automatically, that file will be over written by a blank (new) simple budget file. Resolved by asking to open another file, or quit simple budget.
// 2019-12-08 Released v2.1.5

2019-11-23 Released v2.1.4

// 2.1.4 beta started 2019-11-20
// 2019-11-20 Added “View All Reconciled Transactions” report.
// 2019-11-20 Fixed a small bug in “Transactions” that checked the “Save new Payee” and “Save Fund” checkboxes when Radiobutton2 (Income) was clicked.
// 2019-11-21 Fixed : In Transactions, if there is a zero amount for a Fund or Account Transfer, there is no error reported and a zero amount transaction is entered.
// 2019-11-21 Fixed : In Transactions, if radiobutton2 (Income) is clicked and there is an error, it all resets and goes to the default of radiobutton1 (expense) and clears everything. Would like it to stay on Income and NOT clear everything out, so the error can be corrected and proceed.
// 2019-11-21 Fixed : In Transactions, because I changed it so it does not change back to “Expense” radiobutton1 on every error, when there was an error in “Transfer Funds” Radiobutton3, it caused an account name to pop up in the “transfer to fund” spot. (edit3)
// 2019-11-21 Fixed : calculator does not open now. ??? If copied from a fat32 thumb drive it does not set the execute bit in linux.
// 2019-11-21 Fixed : In Reconcile Transactions, if there is a Account Transfer, the B account inputbox doesnt do anything (to see if it balances with the bank. Had a lot of references to account in column A when it should have referenced the account in column b.
// 2019-11-21 : In Transactions, color coded label5 “Expense Transaction”, “Income”, and “Transfers’. Also added a colored “Enter Transaction” button using a panel. Made Expense – red, Income – Green, Transfers – Blue
// 2019-11-21 : In “View YTD Funds Details” changed “expense funds” to Red, and “Income Funds” to Green, and in the report too.
// 2019-11-21 : In “View All Unreconciled Transactions” started adding a grid for a summary of the unreconciled totals for each account
// 2019-11-22 : Continued work with “View All Unreconciled Transactions” summary grid.
// 2019-11-22 : Found an TToAIndex error and many forms that dealt with transactions. It had TToFIndex instead of TToAIndex. Found it while working on the “View All Unreconciled Transactions” summary grid. It was in the routines that handled Account Transfers scattered all through Simple Budget.
// 2019-11-23 : Add totals for the “View All Unreconciled Transactions” report. (accounts summary). Done with the report and form now.
// 2019-11-23 Released v2.1.4

2019-11-20 Released v2.1.3

// 2.1.3 beta started 2019-11-16
// 2019-11-17 Fixed : In Transactions, the Note field (Edit6) does not clear after “Enter Transaction” is pressed and processed.
// 2019-11-20 Fixed : Can’t get this to do it in Windows. Changed a minor thing and need to try in linux.In “View YTD Funds Details”, if there is nothing to show, a popup (ShowMessage) window pops up, but it is UNDER the focused window. Added a custom dialog that forces it to be in front.
// 2019-11-20 : Added sort options in “View Fund Details” Fund, and Current.
// 2019-11-20 : Make the calculator an external program. Added calculator button to quite a few screens. Also, moved the code to Unit1 and made it an easy procedure to call to open the calculator.
// 2019-11-20 : Added some code to the calculator program so it will not start more than one instance and will come to the front and in focus if it is tried to be started a second time.
// 2019-11-20 Fixed : In “View YTD Funds Details”, if there is nothing to show, the popup is trunkated and does not show the message on Linux. Had to pad the message with spaces on both ends and it worked. ???
// 2019-11-20 Released v2.1.3

2019-11-16 Released v2.1.2

// 2.1.2 beta started 2019-11-16
// 2019-11-16 : Had wrong path for “View YTD Funds Details” report file. So Simple Budget crashed when trying to do that report
// 2019-11-16 Released v2.1.2

// 2019-11-16 Released v2.1.1

// 2.1.1 beta started 2019-11-11
// 2019-11-11 continued on “View Funds YTD Detail”
// 2019-11-11 Fixed : In Transactions, I set default to NOT add payees. But after the first transaction, it turns back on.
// 2019-11-12 Fixed : In View YTD Funds Details, may have bug with respect to adding credits to debits. Check out Aug 2019 “Personal” as an example. A large credit was added to that fund and it seems that in the View YTD Funds Details, it just adds it all the same.
// 2019-11-14 : Allmost finished with “View Funds YTD Detail” report.
// 2019-11-15 – Need to sort by fund
// 2019-11-15 – Need to not display deleted funds with no activity in the month
// 2019-11-15 : Changed the name of deleted funds from ‘Deleted Fund Name’ to ‘Fund Name Deleted‘ so it sorts better
// 2019-11-15 : Finished the “View YTD Funds Details”
// 2019-11-16 : Did the “View YTD Funds Details” report.
// 2019-11-16 Released v2.1.1

2019-11-11 Released v2.1.0

// 2.1.0 beta started 2019-10-31
// 2019-11-05 : Added preliminary stuff for Year To Date funds and popup graphs. Lots to go on it yet.
// 2019-11-11 Fixed : Num payees was reset to zero in Transactions and payee grid selection would not work on first transaction.
// 2019-11-11 Fixed : In Transactions, when adding rows, either the payee or the fund gets changed to the first one in the list. It was actually the “onchange” procedures that were causing the problem when a split row was added and the search field was cleared, it would activate the “OnChange” procedures used for search as it was thinking a search was being done. Added an “EditFlag” that deactivated the “OnChange” stuff until the search fields were cleared, then the EditFlag was re-activated. Did this for Payee and Fund searches in Transactions.
// 2019-11-11 : In Transactions, set the “Save new payees” and “Save Default Funds with New Payees” checkboxes to false by default. As this is more how I use it in real life.
// 2019-11-11 Fixed : ** In Transactions, if there are more than one row in the StringGrid6, and not the last row is highlighted after clicking the row in the Payee cell, when “Add Row” button is pressed, the “New Payee” field turns to “Y” Set value of TPayee in a couple of more spots.
// 2019-11-11 Fixed : ** In transactions, if the payee in the stringgrid6 is double clicked on and never changed, it still acts like it is a new payee and adds a duplicate payee. This was fixed when I fixed the bug ** above.
// 2019-11-11 : Set Year To Date Funds and popgraphs as “Alpha” so I can release this with the “Transactions” bug fixes.
// 2019-11-11 Released v2.1.0

2019-11-01 Released v2.0.9

// 2.0.9 beta started 2019-10-31
// 2019-10-31 : Was added on 2019-10-29, but somehow got lost. added a “Sort by Reconciled” in Reconcile Transactions screen.
// 2019-10-31 : Fixed color of zero key on calculator. It was black for some reason.
// 2019-10-31 : Added the calculator to: Reconcile Transactions, View Fund Balances, View Fund Details, View All Transactions,
// 2019-10-31 Fixed : If there is only one account and it is deleted, and an attempt to do a Transaction, it crashes. NumAccounts not updated. need to check on deleting funds and payees also.
// 2019-11-01 Fixed : Check on deleting Funds and Payees to see if the number of funds (NumFunds) and payees (NumPayees) are updated properly. Deleting Funds had to be fixed, Payees OK.
// 2019-11-01 : In View Fund Details, added Expenses, Income, and Profit/Loss labels at the bottom. and to the report.
// 2019-11-01 Released v2.0.9

2019-10-31 Released v2.0.8

// 2.0.8 beta started 2019-10-26
// 2019-10-31 : Corrected missing calculator. Got latest files updates mixed up from working on diff devices.
// 2019-10-31 Fixed : In Transactions, the lower calendar date is not updated upon form activate.
// 2019-10-31 Fixed : In Transactions, the lower “Note” field is not reset after adding a row.
// 2019-10-31 Released v2.0.8

2019-10-30 : Released v2.0.7

// 2.0.7 beta started 2019-10-26
// 2019-10-28 : Added a couple of totals to bottom of “View Fund Details” page.
// 2019-10-29 : added a “Sort by Reconciled” in Reconcile Transactions screen.
// 2019-10-29 : added a calculator somewhere or maybe somewheres.
// 2019-10-29 Fixed : In Transactions, when the “Add Row” button is pressed for split transactions, the CalcEdit2 value stays the same instead of resetting to zero for the next row.
// 2019-10-29 Fixed : In Transactions, when a value is entered in the lower calcedit button (CalcEdit2), the Transaction Total label is not updated.
// 2019-10-29 : In Transactions, if a row is added with a zero value and “enter” is pressed, it comes back with a warning and with that row still showing (in a split transaction). Delete the zero row for the cases that “Add Row” was hit by accident. Otherwise, the user has to start the split transaction over again.
// 2019-10-29 Fixed : In Transactions, if there are more than one row in StringGrid6 (Splits exist) and a row with proper values is highlighted and even though the next line might not have all field properly filled, pressing “Add Row” will add a row. Must check the “last” row for valid entries, not the “current” row.
// 2019-10-30 : Released v2.0.7 : Missing calculator on this version.

2019-10-26 : Released v2.0.6

// 2.0.6 beta started 2019-10-25
// 2019-10-25 : Added sorting to Expense Graph in View Fund Details.
// 2019-10-25 : In “View Funds Year To Date” fixed proper sort
// 2019-10-25 : and in the Funds year To Date chart.
// Fixed 2019-10-25 : In Edit Transaction menu, when form is closed by X, it needs to show a message that says transation was not edited, just like “cancel” button does.
// Fixed 2019-10-26 : In Delete Transaction menu, when form is closed by X, it needs to show a message that says transation was not deleted, just like “cancel” button does.
// Done 2019-10-26 : In “View transactions of one fund” put a column with “Reconciled”.
// Done 2019-10-26 The main window is done, but the Report still needs it.
// Done 2019-10-26 : In “View transactions for one account” do the same as above ^^^ and to its report. Also add Payee field in grid and report.
// 2019-10-26 FIxed : When opening a file “File -> Open” and type in a name that is not a current file, will crash. Was fixed by some settings in the “Open File Dialogue” (File must exit, and path must exist)
// 2019-10-26 : Added that when the opening welcome screen is clicked anywhere, it closes and shows the main Simple Budget form.
// 2019-10-26 : Released v2.0.6