2020-01-01 Released v2.2.0

Simple Budget V2.2.0 has been released.  Here are the highlights of this release.

There are two main items that this release has.  1. A persistent bug in the “Reconcile Transactions” form has been fixed, and 2. A new report called “View Transactions YTD” has been added.

 1. Reconcile Transactions bug

“Reconcile Transactions” Rec. Checkboxes

There has been a long standing, and ever eluding, bug in the Reconcile Transactions form.  When the search field was populated with a search value and the next button pushed, seemingly random transactions’ reconciled checkbox would check and uncheck.  I believe that I tracked the bug down and now the checkboxes should stay checked or unchecked as desired.

 2. “View Transactions YTD” report.

Under the “View / Reports” menu, you can now find a new item called “View Transactions YTD”.  This report only works if there are more than one month’s data entered into Simple Budget.  If there is not more than one month’s data entered, you can simply use the existing reports to view the current month’s transactions.

View Transactions YTD Selection Options

Access the “View Transactions YTD” report by selecting the “View / Reports” menu and then “View Transactions YTD”.   A window similar to the above screenshot will appear.  The window has several selections that can be made.  If there is more than one budget year present, the years will be shown in the center of the window.  Select the year that you want to display transaction data with.

On the right side of the form, are a set of checkboxes.  You can choose to look at all “available” transactions, or select a range of dates to look at.  Likewise, you can choose to look at all “available” transactions for all funds or select a specific fund to look at.  As you check or uncheck the boxes, the appropriate selection queries will show so you can select dates or a specific fund.

The data for this report comes from archived past months files that are located in the same folder as your current Simple Budget data file.  They are named like “2019-09-September.SB”  See the page on Budget Periods for more information on archived data files.

You can see what months’ data are available by running the report called “View Funds YTD Detail”.  Select the year to examine, and all the months that have data, will be displayed in the report.  See the page on “View Funds YTD Detail” for more information on this report.

Once you have made your selections on the window, click the large “List Transactions” button in the middle of the window and the report will be displayed as shown below.  The report can be printed or previewed by clicking on the “Print” button.

Found Transactions For The Specified Dates and Fund.

Other various bugs have also been fixed with this release.  You can see about them on the Change Log page.


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