2020-01-01 Released v2.1.9

Simple Budget V2.1.9 has been released.  Here is the highlight of this release.

In this version of Simple Budget, I did a major revamp of the “Transactions” input form.  Previously, a user could enter much of the transaction data in multiple parts of the window.  I tried to simplify this by having all the “data” entry done in the lower 2/3’s of the window with the upper third of the form showing the data that will be “entered” into Simple Budget when the “Enter Transaction” button is pushed.

Simple Budget V2.1.9 New Transaction Input Form

The flow through the new Transaction form is streamlined.

  • The user can “Tab” through the necessary fields and press “Enter” to “Enter” the transaction.
  • Existing “Payees” are easy to select
  • New Payees are easy to create on the fly with an optional default fund attached to it.
  • Searching Payees and Funds is easier with the addition of the “Next” buttons.
  • Input is more streamlined with entry going from the left to the right with less “bouncing around” the form.
  • The data to be “Entered” is clearly displayed in the upper “Transaction Grid”.
  • “Split” transactions are easier to enter and navigate through.

See more specific information on the new Transaction entry form HERE.

Along with this highlight, there were numerous other small changes and bug fixes.  You can see about them on the Change Log page.