2019-12-12 Released v2.1.6

Simple Budget V2.1.6 has been released.  Here are the highlights of this release.

There are two major highlights for this release.

New Period Changes

Simple Budget “New Period” menu entry.

Previous to this Simple Budget version, when a new period was requested, Simple Budget made the current month as the new period.  What does this mean?  It means that if you were using Simple Budget for some time, then stopped putting your information into it for over a month, then you decided to “get caught up”, when you did the “New Month” operation, any previous months with no activity were skipped.  This would cause the budget process to break.  Simple Budget is meant to help you control your spending so it should be used often to keep track of your expenses and income on a regular basis.  However, if you did lapse in using Simple Budget, now when a “New Period” operation is executed, Simple Budget will advance one month only.  This way you can input that month’s information and “get caught up” with your spending plan.  Again… Simple Budget is meant to be used regularly and you should not go weeks or months without looking at your spending, but now Simple Budget will not choke if you do.

A single “New Period” menu entry replaces the old “New Month” and “New Year” commands.  Simple Budget is smart enough to know what to do at the right time.

New “View Budget Amounts” Report

With Simple Budget version 2.1.6, a new “View Budget Amounts” report is not available.  This simple report shows each fund and it’s set budget amount.  Simple!

Along with these highlights, there were numerous other small changes and bug fixes.  You can see about them on the Change Log page.