2021-08-13 Released v2.2.8

Version 2.2.8 of Simple Budget contains many small fixes and changes.  There are two main noticeable changes that are worthy to note.

First, in most reports and lists, Income funds and Expense funds are separated so either all Income or all Expense funds are placed first in the list.  Previously, all funds were displayed in alphabetical order.  In reports, all the Income funds are placed first.  In areas like Expense Transaction entry, Expense funds are placed in alphabetical order above the Income funds.

Next, in the “Fund Details Report”, if a current balance of any fund is negative, the “Current Bal” of that fund is displayed in RED.  The Fund Details Report is now probably the most useful report to watch during the month to keep an eye on your budget.

A third major change, but probably not noticed as often was the “File -> New (Start Over) routine.  Previously, is you wanted to start your budget over, Simple Budget simply re-initialized the main budget data file “CURRENT.SB”.  The problem with this, is that each past month is archived in individual files.  They still exist, and when a YTD (Year To Date) report was run, Simple Budget would find them and they would not match up with the main data file (“CURRENT.SB”) and Simple Budget would, at least, display incorrect information, and at most, crash.  Now, the entire data directory is renamed (so it still exists if you decided you made a mistake), then Simple Budget closes.  The next time Simple Budget is opened, it reinitialized in an empty directory and starts over.

To view a list of all the changes made in this version, check out the Change Log  page.


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